Types of White Wine

Different types of white wine

The terminology white wine is generally agreed upon without any questioning although white wine is not exactly white. It is actually available in many different colors or shades but never exactly white. There are many types that are yellow and golden to almost white and any wine that is not red is mostly referred to as white.

This wine becomes pale and without any red using two different types that most people are aware of. Firstly, if you do not use red grapes, you will get what is known as white wine. There are many types of grapes that are anything but red and all these will produce what is known as white wine.

But the wine can also be obtained from red grapes because the red pigmentation in the grapes is just the skin, but not the flesh of the grapes. Any grapes of the red types can actually produce what is known as white wine if the skin is not used. Champagne is generally made from red grapes although most times its color is whitish. The following are the different types of white wine.

Most popular types of white wine

In the United States, the most popular wine which is also the fastest selling is known as Chardonnay. The grapes that are used to make Chardonnay are a major contributing factor to its popularity. The grape is not high maintenance and can grow in just about any climate. This is why they are harvested in huge numbers worldwide and millions of bottles are produced from the grapes.

Chennin Blanc is another one of the many types of wine that is white and is produced from grapes that mostly grow in France, in South Africa and in the USA in California. These types of white wine that will taste like apples, melons or peers with a tint of vanilla and honey. The taste will depend on its time of harvest and the wine is good for salads, and spicy dishes, sea foods and white meat.

Gewurztraminer is another wine that is produced from grapes that are grown in France, USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The vines do well in cooler climates and the wine can be produced either in dry or sweat variations. These are types of wine that are best served sooner rather than later and is best when post-bottling is not done. This wine is good for serving with Asian dishes and with chicken or barbeque.

There is Pinot Blanc which is quite popular and is generally medium dry to white. The wine is produced in France and oak barrels are never used during the process of its maturation. This is wine that is wonderful as an accompaniment with seas foods light meats and flavored cheese.

When to serve certain types of white wine

types of white wine

Pinot Grigio is another type of wine that has a melon and pear like flavor and a very sophisticated and fruity aroma with a tinge of honey. The wine is generally pale in color and has an almost straw like shade. Pinot Grigio also has a smooth taste that makes it wonderful for accompaniment with cheese crackers. The wine however should never be used as an accompaniment with foods that have high acidic content for example citrus fruits and tomatoes because of its already high acidic content.

Finally there are Rielsing wines that can be an accompaniment to just about anything and there is Semillion and Viognier which are not well known types and are grown in France. As you can see there are many types of white wine to choose from.

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