Types of Red Wine

Different types of red wine

Red wine has a lot of takers around the world but not many people are aware of the different types of red wine available. Thus, a majority of the people gets confused when they are faced with the task of picking types to purchase when at the liquor store! There are different types of this wine like Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Merlot and so on. These are the major varieties of red wine but all these names would certainly sound Greek to those who have no idea about wine!

The most popular types of red wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This one is full-bodied in the sense that it has highly complex flavors and it is made from some types of grapes. The wine is best paired with red meet. Because of the oak treatment involved in the making of the Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine develops vanilla notes.

types of red wine

Next types of red is the Merlot, which is another popular variation. If you are new to the idea of consuming wine, especially the red variety, then you ought to start off with this one because it is not very strong. Merlot is not as tannic or rough as the Cabernet Sauvignon, in fact it has more of a herbal taste to it. Because of its softness, there is no problem pairing Merlot with any food.

Next is the Pinot Noir. Amongst the different types of red wine that exist, the grapes used for making this one is the most difficult to grow. Pinot Noir wine is usually a varietal one and not a blended one, which is how it gets its soft and lightly tannic taste. Pinot Noir has a scent that resembles tea leaves. However the fruity aroma of the wine can also be interpreted by many as damp leather! It is best to pair this drink with lamb, salmon and chicken.

The most popular types of red wine

The next types, i.e. Shiraz, is also known as Syrah. The wine gets its typical taste from blackcurrants, which goes into the making of the same. It has gripping tannins and an abundance of fruity flavor, which is why these types go best with meat dishes like stews, wild game, beef, steaks, etc. This spicy and hearty wine contains toffee notes from all that resting inside oak barrels. Shiraz wines have brilliant longevity and the intensity of the flavors is simply incomparable!

How to choose the right types of red wine

Zinfanel is another variety in this regard. This one has a strong flavor that resembles semi-sweet roses. The taste of this wine depends on the location of the grapes used for making it. If the grapes were grown in colder regions then the wine would have a raspberry taste while the grapes grown in warmer regions render a peppery taste to the wine. Zinfanel and grilled meats go great together!

Now that you are well aware of the major types of red wine, you should not be having a problem picking one up to go with your meal the next time you are faced with this task!

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