How To Buy A Wine Rack

How To Buy A Wine Rack

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For people that love wine or wine enthusiasts, a proper information about how to buy a wine rack is an important first step. Proper storage solution  keep bottles in the right position, save space, and keep the bottles organized. That is why it is so important to buy the right rack. However, the buying process for these items tends to be more involved than most people think. Wine racks have several features that must be considered, so time needs to be taken to pick the right one. These tips can help you buy the rack that is right for you.

Go for a single depth wine rack

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These types of racks store bottles just one row deep. There are racks that have multiple depths that are two or more rows deep, too. Generally speaking, the single depth racks are best since you do not have to pull a bottle out to get one from behind it. The point of a wine storage is to keep the bottles undisturbed until you need to use them.

Look at the spacing of the wine rack

Another item to think about when buying a wine rack is its spacing. Make sure you check this thoroughly. Bottles need to sit close to one another, but not too close. You run the risk of scratching the labels, which you want to avoid. For optimum aging, you need to regularly turn the bottles. This also helps keep the corks evenly saturated.

What material and design should you choose?

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The material and design is a major consideration when choosing a wine holder. They are typically made of metal or wood. The wood is usually painted, stained, or natural. It is up to you to decide which you like best. Those metal racks usually come in a black or silver finish. The designs of these metal racks are either complex, such as scroll or carving work, or they are incredibly simple, such as standard shelves. The price increases the more elaborately designed or bigger the wine storage is.

You should also take a look at modular designs. These allow you to keep adding to them as you wish. They are a convenient solution if you plan to gradually expand your wine collection. They are best for collectors that do not want a ton of empty spaces in their wine holders before starting a wine collection.

How big does the wine rack need to be?

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Lastly, you need to consider how big you want your wine holding solution to be. It should be large enough that it fits every bottle you have in your collection. It also needs to be able to fit in the space you have in your collection at home. If limited space is an issue for you, try going with a smaller rack. These can be easily placed in all kinds of spaces in your home since they do not take up much space. The larger a wine rack is tends to make it more overwhelming and harder to position when you have a limited amount of space.

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